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17 September 2008 @ 09:53 am
I'm Jamie, a stay-at-home mom of five kids, all ages 6 and under. I'm happily married, and love my big family! :)

My kids are Autumn - Oct 2, 2001
                     Ben - Jan 20, 2003
                     Austin - Mar 25, 2004 (for whom I joined this group!)
                     Angelina - Sep 27, 2005
                     Aiden - Nov 20, 2006

Hopefully I will get to post again pretty soon! :)
Current Location: Sheffield, AL
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25 June 2008 @ 03:00 am
b>The Basics:</b>
Your name and age:
Your partner's name and age:
Your 2004 baby's name and birthdate:

What do you remember about your pregnancy and birth? My whole pregnancy the doctors said he was not going to make it. When he was born he seemed so perfect to me. 3 days after birth his L.I. burst... Needless to say thanks to all the doctors-my ob gyn doctors were wrong he is a happy healthy 4 year old! <3 His doctors say he made it because of our bond-they think if we had not bonded during those 3 days his will to live would not have been as strong!

The Silly Stuff:
If your baby was an animal s/he'd be... He would be a monkey-he is always all over and trying to get people to laugh

You and your baby are stranded on a desert island. What one thing do you both need (can't live without)? we would need books-he loves to read and I love to read to him.

The Controversial Stuff We Are All Mature Enough to Discuss Without Being Mean or Getting Hurt:
Breast or bottle? breast
Co-sleep, CIO or somewhere in between?co-sleep
Cut or uncut? cut :/
Vax, delayed vax, no vax? Vax
Cloth or 'sposies? both -none-now
Single parent?nopers
Young parent?not too young
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Richard entered public pre-school in August as a continuation of services from the Early Intervention folks... Unfortunately, due to a lot of drama and bureaucratical bullspit, he was only temporarily placed, more or less without any evaluations, given the title of "Developmentally Delayed" due to his ongoing speech delay, and that ran out in October. So they needed to act fast and do his formal evaluations to get a new IEP (Individual Educational Plan) in place for him so they could permanently place him into the school system.

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17 August 2007 @ 08:21 pm
It's been ages since I've posted in this community, but I thought maybe I'd ask for a little advice and hear some people's experience. I'm not sure if anyone remembers me... My son Richard was diagnosed with a severe speech delay in January 2006, just shy of his second birthday. He had yet to speak his first word and was somewhat behind in other areas because of this. We were placed in the Early Intervention program, which was truly a wonderful thing, and a few other programs which weren't quite as mentionable. He started speaking in May of that year, and has progressed in leaps and bounds since then. Basically, what began as a 65% delay turned into about a 30% delay a mere year later when they did the January 2007 evaluation, just shy of his 3rd birthday. At the age of 3, as many of you may already know, the early intervention program ends and the public school system begins. Since his delay was beyond the 25% mark, he was still eligible for help, which means he is eligible for enrollment in public pre-k with any assistance given as needed to boost him to the appropriate levels. Since his birthday was in March and the school year ended in May, we were given the option to let him go to school for a couple of months (which rapidly turned into a mere couple of weeks thanks to government bureaucracy and paperwork) before summer began, which we declined. We signed him up for a local school for this coming fall... Starting this Tuesday, to be exact. Now, despite his speech delay, Richard is extremely bright. Almost smart enough to get into Kindergarten... if only he could communicate properly. At not quite 3 1/2, he knows his entire alphabet, forwards, backwards, inside out and upside down. He understands the phonetics of it as well. He knows all of his numbers through 30 and some beyond, again in order and out of order. He can read certain words and can even type some on the computer. He's got his shapes and colors down pat. He has the craziest memory I've ever seen; he never forgets anything. He remembers things from nearly 2 years ago. I'm almost worried that school will bore him, quite honestly... but I know he needs the social interaction to boost his communication and social skills. He has progressed so much since his last evaluation in January, I'm almost certain he's below the 25% delay point now, but I'm not going to turn down the free assistance when it's given to us. He'll be given another evaluation in October and if it's found he doesn't need the help, he'll likely be yanked out of school. But, I suppose we'll worry about that then.

So anyway, that's the basic background, getting you all the way current. What I am curious about is this. First off, for those of you who have sent a young child who is used to always being around family members to school/day care, how did you handle it? Especially when the child isn't exactly capable of fully understanding what's being explained to him? Most of Richard's communication comes from identifying and asking for objects, repeating what we say, or creating a sentence out of things we have said to him. Basically, nothing he ever says is original. He never asks us questions or begins a conversation, and when asked a question, he'll likely repeat the question back to you or just say no. It's hard to tell when he understands something, or if he even cares. Also, Richard is pretty nervous and shy around strangers... He's gotten a lot better though. He'll warm up to them given time, but does best when we're around to cling to. Personally, I think he'll do OK, especially because there are other kids around, but my husband is really nervous about him flipping out when we leave. What would you do?

Oh yeah... he's a pretty big boy too. 42 lb., about 43 inches or so tall... Which for both is about the 100th percentile or above for his own age group and about the 50th percentile for a 5 year old. So what I'm getting at here is that he's likely to be the biggest kid in class, although maybe one of the youngest in the 3-4 age group. And he is also extremely strong with a semi-aggressive temper at times. He's normally very passive and sweet, especially around us, but sometimes he can have a mean streak that will just blow you away. Do any of you have experience with this and the teachers? How do they handle aggressive, large children? I don't want my kid to be the next kindergartner in cuffs, ya know? He's not always aggressive, but sometimes the way he handles things is a bit... different. For instance, if he gets hurt, his initial response is to get mad rather than to be consoled. Did that table hurt you? Let's beat that table up then! It's not something that was taught, just the way he is. I just don't want it to be a kid or a teacher.

TIA for all your advice. I apologize for being long and rambly... it's what I do. :)

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26 April 2007 @ 10:06 am
My 2004 kid won't go to sleep. Seriously. She bops around her crib for over an hour -- which she's about two seconds away from needing converted to a toddler bed, I might add -- jumping up and down, showing off her mad counting skillz, crying, screaming, giggling, asking us to play, you name it.  As a result, she's cranky and tired the next morning. Dear hubby and I have tried EVERYTHING to get her to settle (short of giving her tequila shooters, LOL) and nothing seems to work.  Eventually she winds herself down, but she still gets up at the same time she did when she was getting 10 hours a night, only super cranky.

We put her to bed at around 8pm, and I am starting to dread it with a passion.  We thought of putting her to bed later, but she clearly exhibits signs of being sleepy around 7:30pm.  She naps about an hour and a half in the middle of the day, and her caregivers follow our rule of not letting her sleep more than two hours maximum.

I don't mind if she stays awake and talks to her babies or her elephant, just as long as she's lying down. Night-night. No jumpies.

Anyone else having problems with this right now? PLMK. Thanks.
21 March 2007 @ 10:57 am
I just realized that I never really posted my intro either! I joined a month or so ago, but there hasn't really been that much action, at least so far.

My details...
Your name and age: bikenerd, 39 years
Your partner's name and age: name withheld upon request, 39 years
Your 2004 baby's name and birthdate: Sidney 12/23/04
What do you remember about your pregnancy and birth?
I had a really easy pregnancy. No morning sickness to speak of. But as is often the case, the birth was quite dramatic. I went into labour at around 1 am on December 23rd in the middle of a snowstorm. We called the midwife, and she came over at about 4 am. At that point, I was 7.5 cm open. She said, 'well, do you want a home birth?' This was partly because of the crazy snowstorm outside. I'd planned to use the birthing rooms at the hospital, but said 'what the heck, I don't want to go anywhere at this point." She started to set up in our bedroom, but then my water broke. Unfortunately there was meconium in the water, and so we had to call the ambulance. Sid's heartrate became erratic at this point, and I had to have a monitor put on. Despite all my dreams of a natural childbirth, I ended up getting an epidural because I wasn't able to move in order to accomodate the contractions. Alls well that ends well. One push at 1 pm and he was in the world. Latched immediately. Sleep. Glow.

The Silly Stuff:
If my baby was an animal, he'd be a puppy. He's a total puppy.

You and your baby are stranded on a desert island. What one thing do you both need (can't live without)? He'd need his hockey stick, some milk and a story. I'd need to make sure it was a damn good story.

The Controversial Stuff We Are All Mature Enough to Discuss Without Being Mean or Getting Hurt:

Breast or bottle? Breast if its possible. But no judgement on those who can't do it.

Co-sleep, CIO or somewhere in between? We're co-sleeping, but I'd love our bed to be bigger!

Cut or uncut? Cut. But again, no judgement.

Vax, delayed vax, no vax? For us, delayed vax except chicken pox. Didn't bother with that.

Cloth or 'sposies? Cloth.

Single parent? No. But many props to those who do it.
Young parent? Nope. But it doesn't mean I know what I'm doing!
13 February 2007 @ 06:54 pm
Guin has been throwing up at night. Just at night, once or twice. We can't figure it out. We don't think it's the stomach flu, as no one else has gotten it. Any ideas?
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11 February 2007 @ 10:54 am
Does anyone else here have any experience with an extreme drama queen? My three year old is completely out of control. She throws fits all the time and play's the "i want it" "I don't want it" game.

She's the middle child. My son is five and my other daughter is three months old. I though maybe she was jealous so I made sure there was plenty of positive attention for her and me. I treat her the exact same way I threat my other kids with no differences.

Lately, as she's gotten older, she's taken to hitting me. I tell her that it's not right and she does get a time out for it but it's just not working. She hits me punches me and now kicks me. We don't physically punish our children and she currently isn't attending daycare so I don't know where she's getting this behaviour.

I'm running out of options I don't want to take her to see a specailist as I'm sure there is another way around this. What tricks or methods did you use?
07 February 2007 @ 12:03 am
The Basics:
Your name and age: Eden (23)
Your partner's name and age: marco (23)
Your 2004 baby's name and birthdate: kaylynn Christine Catherine Stotesbury

What do you remember about your pregnancy and birth?

Oh yay. lol. Well Kaylynn was fast and hard. My contractions started to hurt around 8pm. Her father, my mother and myself made it to the hospital at 8:30 and I was already completely dialated. It went so fast that there was one complication. My baby girl came out side ways. She was bruised from head to toe for two whole weeks. I called ehr my little blueberry because she pretty much was blue.

The Silly Stuff:
If your baby was an animal s/he'd be...

A monkey that can't stop touching the things it's not supposed to. lol.

You and your baby are stranded on a desert island. What one thing do you both need (can't live without)?

Kaylynn's pink blankie and a phone?

The Controversial Stuff We Are All Mature Enough to Discuss Without Being Mean or Getting Hurt:
Breast or bottle? Breast for two days then bottle.
Co-sleep, CIO or somewhere in between? Bassinet for three months then off to the crib.
Cut or uncut? N/A
Vax, delayed vax, no vax? all Vax on time
Cloth or 'sposies? 'sposies
Single parent? Nope
Young parent? I was 19 when she was born


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21 December 2006 @ 10:42 pm
Hi, I'm new :) Here is my survey...

The Basics:
Your name and age: Rachael, 20
Your partner's name and age: Joey 21
Your 2004 baby's name and birthdate: Joseph Korbin born September 23rd

What do you remember about your pregnancy and birth? I was anxious.. and SOO tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. I guess my body was telling me 'Hey! Sleep while you can!!' So I did.. lol. My pregnancy was easy though.. never had any problems, never got very big (Most of you are probly wanting to strangle me right now, but my second one caught up with me!) Until the end I went in for an ultrasound because I was measuring too small so they decided to induce my labor because his fluid was low, and my son decided he wasn't going anywhere! I ended up delivering by C-Section because his cord was wrapped around his neck.. he was 5lbs 12 oz, he looked like a perfect little baby doll!

The Silly Stuff:
If your baby was an animal s/he'd be... heh.. this is a hard one. One of those crazy hyper dogs that once you let them in the front door by the time they have calmed down they've torn up the entire house! Only my son rarely calms down.. and he's got a serious attitude lol.

You and your baby are stranded on a desert island. What one thing do you both need (can't live without)? Well.. HE would have to have a race car with him or else he would freak.. I would have to have my daughter. Preferably my fiance too but you said one, and kids always come first!

The Controversial Stuff We Are All Mature Enough to Discuss Without Being Mean or Getting Hurt:

Breast or bottle? I tried breast with him but he was so tiny his mouth was so little he had trouble latching on so I ended up putting him on a bottle the day we left the hospital.

Co-sleep, CIO or somewhere in between? He has slept in his bassinet/crib/bed every night since he was born. Unless of course he was staying the night with Papa. He is a bed hog, you can't sleep with him!

Cut or uncut? Cut

Vax, delayed vax, no vax? All on time

Cloth or 'sposies? Disposables!! White Clouds :)

Single parent? No

Young parent? I had Joseph 2 days before my 18th birthday.

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