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21 December 2006 @ 10:42 pm
Hi, I'm new :) Here is my survey...

The Basics:
Your name and age: Rachael, 20
Your partner's name and age: Joey 21
Your 2004 baby's name and birthdate: Joseph Korbin born September 23rd

What do you remember about your pregnancy and birth? I was anxious.. and SOO tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. I guess my body was telling me 'Hey! Sleep while you can!!' So I did.. lol. My pregnancy was easy though.. never had any problems, never got very big (Most of you are probly wanting to strangle me right now, but my second one caught up with me!) Until the end I went in for an ultrasound because I was measuring too small so they decided to induce my labor because his fluid was low, and my son decided he wasn't going anywhere! I ended up delivering by C-Section because his cord was wrapped around his neck.. he was 5lbs 12 oz, he looked like a perfect little baby doll!

The Silly Stuff:
If your baby was an animal s/he'd be... heh.. this is a hard one. One of those crazy hyper dogs that once you let them in the front door by the time they have calmed down they've torn up the entire house! Only my son rarely calms down.. and he's got a serious attitude lol.

You and your baby are stranded on a desert island. What one thing do you both need (can't live without)? Well.. HE would have to have a race car with him or else he would freak.. I would have to have my daughter. Preferably my fiance too but you said one, and kids always come first!

The Controversial Stuff We Are All Mature Enough to Discuss Without Being Mean or Getting Hurt:

Breast or bottle? I tried breast with him but he was so tiny his mouth was so little he had trouble latching on so I ended up putting him on a bottle the day we left the hospital.

Co-sleep, CIO or somewhere in between? He has slept in his bassinet/crib/bed every night since he was born. Unless of course he was staying the night with Papa. He is a bed hog, you can't sleep with him!

Cut or uncut? Cut

Vax, delayed vax, no vax? All on time

Cloth or 'sposies? Disposables!! White Clouds :)

Single parent? No

Young parent? I had Joseph 2 days before my 18th birthday.